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Testimonials For Kinney Surgical Services, Inc.

No kidding, I have never used knives that cut so well and I’ve had these knives since they were new 2 years ago. Normally I struggle a bit to cut through tougher cuts of meat. My newly-sharpened knives cut through like it’s filet mignon. And this is proof for me: I have never used (ever) a straight-edged knife to cut tomatoes or onions because they shred them. I always used a serrated knife. Now, however, my straight-edge knives cut through like it’s butter and no shredding. And Potatoes! The weight of the blade practically cuts them. I always thought, “Well this is the way it is now. I feel like I have been cheated all these years. All I ever need was well sharpened knives! Thanks!

– Martin Sprenz
Advanced Technical Support Analyst
ATS Device Team Mobility

“My veterinary hospital has been using Kinney Sharpening service for several years. Mr. Kinney and his company are very reliable with courteous and efficient service. We have asked him to sharpen our clipper blades and surgical instruments and have been pleased with the results.”

– Patrick S. Hackett, D.V.M.
Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital

“Kinney Sharpening has been a tremendous help to us! Randy Kinney and his family have gone above and beyond to work with us in getting our clipper blades and scissors working as best as possible. The Kinney family have also been keeping our clippers and dryers in top working order. They make sure everything is just right or will continue to tweak things until it is! The store front operation is very convenient so we can drop equipment off at our convenience or they will even hand deliver equipment as necessary.

We are very happy to have found this company! Good working tools are essential to a profitable, smooth operating business and Kinney Sharpening has been instrumental in us achieving this goal. I would recommend this company to everyone wanting great operating tools and equipment!”

– Anne French
Doggone Pretty, Inc.

“To Kinney Sharpening: I have been in the landscaping business for 15 years now. I have had hundreds of chainsaw blades sharpened from other businesses. NO ONE has ever done as good a job or been as quick about it. I don’t know if I have ever bought a NEW chain that was as sharp as what you made my old chains. Your quality of work and prompt service has made me a customer for life.”

Sincerely, Nathan

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